Global Citizen plans conference to team young people with world leaders like World Bank’s Ajay Banga

NEW YORK (AP) — International advocacy organization Global Citizen is turning to Gen Z and millennial leaders in its fight to reach the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and end extreme poverty.

Global Citizen announced Tuesday that it would hold its first international edition of its Global Citizen NOW conference in Melbourne, Australia, starting March 4, bringing together more than 300 young leaders with world leaders, including World Bank President Ajay Banga and former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Celebrities, including Global Citizen ambassadors Hugh Jackman and Charlie Puth, as well as rock band Crowded House, will also be on hand.

“The greatest movements that have shaped the world were started by young people, who saw the possibility of a better future, created new solutions, and held those in power to account,” Global Citizen CEO Hugh Evans told The Associated Press. The organization hopes the attendees, along with the 32 winners of The Global Citizen Young Leaders Award, will be able to develop new actions to address the climate crisis, health financing, food insecurity and inequalities in access for financing for female entrepreneurs.

Sarah, the Duchess of York, and Chris Anderson, the head of TED, will also be on hand for the three-day conference. “Since becoming a grandmother I’ve become acutely aware of my responsibility, and that of my generation, to do everything we can to improve the state of the world we are leaving for our grandchildren,” Sarah said in a statement, adding that she looks forward to participating in “intergenerational conversations.”


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